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Nina’s Bees is a multi award winning, family business based in the Blue Mountains of NSW.  This small business produces beautiful artisan skincare products and bee themed gifts. Nina’s Bees was named “Most Trusted Artisan Skincare & Gift Company NSW” by APAC Insider in Australian Made Awards 2022

Nina's Bees natural beekeeping involves holistic approach based on respect and love for the bee colony.  Nina's Bees beekeeping ethics means there are no Queen excluders, plastic frames or pesticides in the hives.  The company is actively involved in the rescue and rehoming of wild bees from public spaces. Unlike in conventional beekeeping, all Nina’s Bees hives were born from natural swarms and all their colonies build their own comb, determining the colony size and population dynamics, including mix of sexes like drones and worker bees.

Nina, the founder of Nina’s Bees, believes that when the communities lean about the essential role of bees in our eco system, people naturally become more connected and invested in the environment that surrounds us.  Nina educates children on the importance of bees to our ecosystems by conducting bee talks at local schools, gardening communities and local business club offering valuable information on how to grow bee-friendly gardens.

Together with their organic beekeeping practices and association with Native Oils Australia, Nina’s Bees creates safe, pure and effective skincare products that work. All products have been certified to be “MADE SAFE”, “CRUELTY FREE” and “AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED TOXIC FREE”.  Sustainability is at heart of this small business. Nina's Bees partnered with Native Oils of Australia to source single origin, Australian-grown native essential oils and responsibly sourced organic oils and butters for all their products.  Nina's Bees and NOA apply circular model  "Reuse, reduce,  recycle", where the same oil containers are being returned, cleaned and refilled with the same ingredients on regular basis. In this way they have reduced hundreds of units of waste from going into landfill over the last 4 years.  Nina's bees products are packaged into recyclable containers and mailed using recycled cardboard boxed.

Nina's Bees efforts to create effective, yet 100% natural products in a sustainable way have been noticed by the beauty industry.

Nina's Bees was awarded Social Responsibility Award 2020 by Australian Non Toxic Awards. Here’s what the judges said:   “We have selected Nina’s Bees as the recipient of this year’s Award in the Body category not just because they create beautiful products that are safe, ethical and sustainable, but because of their outstanding efforts to give back to society and create change. Nina’s Bees is a leader in their field and they deserve to be recognised and celebrated!”

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Nina’s bees received Green Award by Organic Beauty Award 2021.
Eco-Choice Award for Excellence in sustainability, awarded to Nina’s Bees for their superior range of Eco-products, including ingredients & packaging.

A Note From Nina...

I am a beekeeper, herbal remedy advocate and business owner with an avid passion for sustainability, natural skincare, and most importantly, bees. In addition to being a Registered Apiarist, I hold a degree in Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Business & Commerce.

As the proud Founder of Nina’s Bees, I am on a lifelong mission to not only protect our dwindling bee populations, but offer 100% natural products (including unprocessed honey) that are top quality, handmade with love, and sustainable.

A few years back my life took unexpected turn after listening to an intriguing podcast that revealed the secret life of bees. On that same day, I made the decision to give these clever buzzing creatures a sanctuary in my own backyard, and my apiary has been growing ever since. To date, my little helpers and I have rescued countless wild swarms and given them a gift in the form of a second chance in the Blue Mountains.

Discover the infinite healing power of Mother Nature here at Nina’s Bees! I only use the finest oils, herbs, and honey in each and every product to give you that healthy glow without the harsh chemicals and toxins in conventional products.

In everything I do, I try to reduce the footprint and be sustainable. I avoid to use plastic as packaging for my products and prefer to use recycled boxes for mailing the products. I hope you don’t mind 🙂 I am happy to put my products in a brand new box, if you would like me to.

Happy browsing and I hope to see your order one day !

Love, Nina

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