Welcome to Nina’s Bees

Welcome to Nina’s Bees and thank you for your interest.

I am a beekeeper, herbal remedy advocate and business owner with an avid passion for sustainability, natural skincare, and most importantly, bees. In addition to being a Registered Apiarist, I hold a degree in Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Business & Commerce.

As the proud Founder of Nina’s Bees, I am on a lifelong mission to not only protect our dwindling bee populations, but offer 100% natural products (including unprocessed honey) that are top quality, handmade with love, and sustainable.

A few years back my life took unexpected turn after listening to an intriguing podcast that revealed the secret life of bees. On that same day, I made the decision to give these clever buzzing creatures a sanctuary in my own backyard, and my apiary has been growing ever since. To date, my little helpers and I have rescued countless wild swarms and given them a gift in the form of a second chance in the Blue Mountains.

Discover the infinite healing power of Mother Nature here at Nina’s Bees! I only use the finest oils, herbs, and honey in each and every product to give you that healthy glow without the harsh chemicals and toxins in conventional products.

In everything I do, I try to reduce the footprint and be sustainable. I avoid to use plastic as packaging for my products and prefer to use recycled boxes for mailing the products. I hope you don’t mind 🙂 I am happy to put my products in a brand new box, if you would like me to.

Happy browsing and I hope to see your order one day !



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