All Natural Restoring Beeswax Hand Balm with Lavender and Patchouli

Nina’s Bees Hand Balm is lovingly handcrafted at a boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains, using only the finest organic and/or cold pressed oils and our own beeswax. This rich, 100% pure botanical hand balm provides long lasting nourishment and protection, leaving your skin feeling silky and moisturized.

My inspiration for this product was rough, gardeners hands. Being a passionate gardener, I often go to our garden with a cup of tea to enjoy the serenity of the moment and the beauty of flowers. I would spot a weed and fool myself, saying “just this one” …an hour later I would find myself having removed the weeds, re-potted a few flowers, and dug a new hole for a seedling. All without gloves. Needless to say my hands looked and felt rough.

Carefully chosen natural oils give an instant relieve to dry and tired skin, making it visibly softer to the touch and leaving it feeling nourished and moisturized. Natural beeswax forms a light breathable protective layer on your skin, while locking in the luscious oils.

Apply a pea size amount of Hand Balm to the back of your hand, massage gently with the back of your other hand. Then massage all over with your open palms. Give the balm 5 minutes to absorb completely. Enjoy the softness of your skin.
Nina’s Bees balm can be used on any stubborn or dry patches of skin, anywhere on your body. I recommend Nina’s Bees Shea Butter & Orange Elbow and Heel lotion bar for very dry cracked skin that needs extra love and repair.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nina’s Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coco Butter, Organic Camelia Oil, Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Lavender & Patchouli Essential Oils

As with all skincare products, I recommend patch testing the balm prior to use.

Nina’s Bees Restoring Balm is 100% natural, with no stabilizers or artificial fillers. Therefor it reacts naturally to the ambient temperature: it melts at > 35C and hardens at < 20C. If it is too hot, please cool it down ( in a cool, dry place), if it is too cold, please warm it up ( in your hands or on your skin).

Weight 60 g



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6 reviews for All Natural Restoring Beeswax Hand Balm with Lavender and Patchouli

  1. Sue

    A fabulous product. I’ve now cahred with a few other members of my extended family and we all love it. Thanks Nina !

  2. Bec (verified owner)

    I love this restoring hand balm. Being a chef, avid gardener and a lover of animals my hands cop a beating. It is always nice to have this balm to soothe them overnight!! And the smell is just divine!

  3. Yvonne Peters (verified owner)

    The only hand cream or balm I have used that does truly work . Love the perfume too .i am so pleased I am re-ordering for the second time

  4. Connagh (verified owner)

    I was gardening today and about to dig up a sun starved section of Lippia lawn when a bee landed on it. I thought immediately of this balm I’d just ordered. I didn’t touch the lawn, obviously the bees like it. Instead I went inside and promptly used the balm. It is so soothing and immediately relives the dryness you get when you forget to wear gardening gloves! It’s a very relaxing aroma too.

  5. Kristyn (verified owner)

    Amazing! The only product I’ve ever used in my hands that actually works. I love it.

  6. Shan

    My first product & what a cracker. Got it on holidays whilst visiting Hahndorf & loved it, so much I tried other products with an equally great success. This is never far from my side & does a lot of multi tasking – the best!

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