Rare and Raw Post Brood Honey

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Nina’s Bees Rare and Raw Post Brood Honey is born from honeycomb that previously nurtured bee brood. It is an intensely dark honey with complex taste. Post Brood honey is rich in pollen, natural enzymes and plant resins.

Rare and Raw Post Brood Honey is born from honeycomb that previously nurtured bee brood. Honey Bees line each cell with propolis for disease protection and pack  neighbouring cells with nutrient-rich pollen (bee bread) to feed larvae. After bees stop using the comb for brood rearing, they transform it into honey storage. We gently press the honeycomb using stainless steel fruit press preserving the complex content of the honeycomb.

Rare and Raw Post Brood Honey is a testament to ethical beekeeping and environmental sustainability. We follow the Rose Hive Method, which challenges the conventional beehive method, where honey bees and the Queen are restricted. Rose Hive prioritizes honeybee welfare over convenience for beekeepers.  Our honey bees carry on with their activities, as they do in the wild, without any restrictions. At our apiary in the Blue Mountains, honey bees flourish in their natural habitat, crafting combs from their own wax and gathering resins and saps from pristine bushland to create propolis.

We only harvest the surplus of honey. This rare honey comes from frames that used to contain bee brood. After the brood emerged, the cells were cleaned and filled with pollen, resin and honey. 2004 harvest is from honeycomb that have been a living and breathing part of the hive for over 3 years. The result is an intensely dark honey with complex taste, rich in pollen, natural enzymes and plant resins.  It is a limited supply.

This micro batch is offered in a variety of options :

  • Raw Honey with propolis rich honey comb that contains bee bread (fermented bee pollen)
  • Raw Honey

Indulge in the complexity of flavors found in our Rare and Raw Post Brood Honey, each jar representing our dedication to honey bee well-being.  Join us in supporting ethical beekeeping practices and sustainable agriculture for a brighter, bee-friendly future. All our beehives were born from wild swarms that we collected from local areas.

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  1. Absolutely fabulous! As always Nina, your products are star rating. I am so grateful, and appreciative of the extra effort taken by you, to enable my collection of this little birthday gift for my daughter. Thank you so very much again.

  2. This honey is wonderful – full of flavour and nutrition, there’s just no comparison with supermarket honey. It has become a household favourite here.

  3. Gorgeous.Rich and interesting.We were the lucky ones that Nina shared with.The service as ever,exemplary

  4. Thanks very happy with the quality and taste of this honey. Highly recommended don’t buy the mass produced supermarket brands this is the real deal.

  5. Lovely!

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